“Nothing is more important in life than to find what you are most passionate about and do more of that which brings you the most joy.”  -Tim Padilla

7.28.16:   Website updated

Tim Padilla has just recorded his latest single “Before You” Official video & album soon!

NEW SONG:  Before You

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Deemed one of the hottest accordionists in America , Tim Padilla was discovered by Welk casting agents when he became a finalist in the American Accordionists Association and Welk Champagne Theatre's "Search for the Hottest Accordionist" in 1999. Tim became a regular performer and audience favorite in the live production of "The Welk Show" at the 2,300 seat Champagne theater in Branson , MO. He has participated in 6 national tours of the "Live Lawrence Welk Show," appeared in three national pledge-drive specials, performed live on stage with legendary Myron Floren and in 2005 hosted the PBS Lawrence Welk Show "Family of Nations."

Thanks to a special deal of "Six free music lessons" he received from a fellow second grader, Tim became interested in the accordion early on. He was soon competing in accordion contests nationwide and has won top prizes over the past 15 years. Tim is no stranger to the hot music scene having performed "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" along with Guns 'n' Roses’ "Slash," serenaded Tony Bennett over the radio, and during a Christmas party in Los Angeles, Tim played "Little Drummer Boy" on-stage live with the band "Chicago." He has numerous credits as an actor in television and commercials, including a small part in the Rolling Stones music video "Saint of Me" as well as a featured nerd on NBC's hit show "Saved By The Bell" (The New Class).

Currently working on various projects as a producer, actor and musician, Padilla is the co-founder of New Found Records & MosPad Productions in Los Angeles, CA..

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Tim Padilla

“Words define and shape the understanding of who a person is, but it’s character, integrity and actions that are the core of what they have become.”

- Tim Padilla