“Nothing is more important in life than to find what you are most passionate about and do more of that which brings you the most joy.”  -Tim Padilla

7.28.16:   Website updated

Tim Padilla has just recorded his latest single “Before You” Official video & album soon!

NEW SONG:  Before You

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2013 Songwriter/Composer - Inspired Moments - New Found Records

2010 Songwriter/Composer - Martydumb  - Eclectic Theatre Co.

2010, 2009, 2008 Music Composer - AndBoris.com Web Series

2008 Music Producer  -  Burbank's Rose Parade Float "Oktoberfest"

   •  Founder’s Trophy Award

2008 Music Producer  -  "Tony Terran Remembers" (I Love Lucy) Album

“Little Timmy” - Mark & Brian Radio Program, KLOS 95.5

   •  Slash (Guns ‘n’ Roses)
   •  Tony Bennett
   •  Chicago

Rolling Stones "Saint Of Me" music video (Actor)

John Oszajca “Back in 1999” music video (Actor)

U.S./Canada National Tour  -  "The Live Lawrence Welk Show”

National Music Awards  -  AFNA Music & Dance Festival

   •  King Award  (1997)
   •  Prince Award  (1992)
   •  Duke Award  (1991)

Performer at the “16th Annual TEA Awards”  Los Angeles, CA

Performer at the "Grand Opening of Hope Park" Los Angeles, CA